ape hybrids society


The Ape Hybrids Society Roadmap is focused on 3 parallel pillars:

The Collection
Community rewards and Giveaways linked to sales milestones

Marketing Strategies
Commitment to advancing Ape Hybrids Society as a collection experience and also maintain the floor price

The HybridDAO, HBDX Farm & Staking
Foundation for community self-governance and mission execution

Phase 1

community rewards

0% sold
Marketing campaigns across ALL social media platforms.
5% sold
CREATE HYPE AND EXCITEMENT AROUND THE PROJECT by givingaway 2 pixelsweepers to 2 random holders
10% sold
The team starts NFT giveaways across all social Media platforms with 35 NFTs preminted from deployment.
20% sold
We giveaway 1 pixelsweeper
30% sold
holders access to free mint apelands
40% sold
We giveaway 1 pixelsweeper for only for holders
70% sold
We giveaway 1 pixelsweeper nft for holders only
100% sold
We giveaway 5 pixelsweepers nft only for holders
after soldout
the team will deposit 10% of total mint funds into the ape hybrids society "floor sweeping wallet"{fsw}/nft vault.
20% of total mint funds will be allocated towards $hbdx liquidity pool
Ape hybrids society nft will be available on tofunft.com, rareboard.com & nftkey.app immediately after mint. We will also apply to be listed on other major binance nft market places to boost secondary sales.


Total supply: 100 million

Circulating supply: (circulating supply will remain the same until staking is live)

100 million tokens are distributed as follows:

5% - Treasury

10% - Staking Rewards

15% - Farm Pool

25% - Liquidity

45% - Presale


iintroduction of banana farm

The Hybrid Banana Farm is a decentralized yielding platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. The objective of the game is to allow holders buy Banana Plantations using BUSD and earn BUSD back at a daily % dependent on a variety of factors.


creation of aps FSW / Vault

Ape hybrids society are very grateful!! From this point on, all funds that are raised from secondary sales including 10% of total mint funds will be held and placed in the Ape Hybrids Society "Floor Sweeping Wallet" {FSW}/NFT Vault. The BNB funds held in the vault would be used for sweeping APS NFTs and these procured NFTs would be held in the vault and later be redistributed to Ape Hybrids Society holders! Of course, the more you own, the more entries you have for the raffles



Implementing post-marketing strategies to make Ape Hybrids Society well known by engaging a broader audience and also team up with names you can think of to help maintain the floor price of the collection.



Owning an Ape Hybrid/$HBDX is your membership into the Ape Hybrids Society. We believe that decentralization and community involvement is the only way to go forward with this community. The foundation for this principle is the HybridxDAO Treasury/Ape Hybrids Society Floor Sweeping Wallets(APSFSW), funded with all of ongoing secondary sales (2.5%). $HBDX/APS ownership represents a voice in the forthcoming HybridxDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow community members to direct the future of Ape Hybrids Society. The DAO will let Holders decide as a community as they go forward. For example, would they like to liquidate NFTs in the APS Floor Sweeping Wallet or distribute them among themselves? They get to choose.


Explore the Metaverse with us

At Ape Hybrids Society, we are committed to exploring all the possibilities of entering into the metaverse. By joining the Society, you will have access to every metaverse we enter. You will need $HBDX token to gain access to every part of our ApeVerse such as our future Great Ape Hybrids collections, events & merchandise.

Holders will be involved in directing the future of ape hybrids society & voting on Roadmap 2.0

iintroduction of HYBRID BUSD LOTTERY

The team will introduce a BUSD/HBDX lottery with a tax fee of 30%. 100% of the fees generated on the BUSD lottery will be distributed to HBDX & ApeLand holders in proportion of 80:20, in essence the more fees you hold the you will receive.