ape hybrids societyThe Sustainable Yield Protocol

HBDX Banana Farm is our yield platform that offers safe, vetted, and sustainable yield tokens rewards. The ecosystem is sustained by our blockchain powered utility token $HBDX, backed by a utility-driven ecosystem designed to scale and feed money back into the farm with 100% transparency for optimal growth and success for all!

our story

Initially thought to be a blinding meteor shower, but later suggested to be a man-made satellite based weapon accidentally discharged, allowing the bio-engineered new primitive Ape Hybrids Society to emerge long after the radioactive disaster in space. Ape Hybrids Society is BNB's first blockchain powered community rewarding Collection that provides a set of WEB3-based NFT issuance, sustainable yield tokens and trading components for social platforms and online communities. Our team was inspired but not affiliated to Azuki, to create a Society that truly rewards holders and empowers everyone to feel welcomed, valued and represented in the emerging ApeVerse.

key information

Who are the Ape Hybrids Society?

Ape Hybrids Society is a community rewarding Protocol combining NFT ownership, a DeFi - economy, DAO governance, and cross-metaverse, we're turning the multiverse into a world we've always wished existed.

How much will each Ape Hybrid cost to mint?

Each Ape Hybrid will cost 0.04 BNB to mint.

What is $HBDX Token?

$HBDX is the utility token behind our blockchain powered ecosystem.


Once minted or bought simply connect to your TofuNFT, NFTKEY, element or Rareboard account to view your NFTs.

When will I be able to mint?

June 3rd.

What is the HBDX Banana Farm?

HBDX Banana Farm is simple on the surface, but a very complex yielding platform, you buy a Banana Plantation using HBDX and earn HBDX back at a daily % dependent on a variety of factors.

Every Ape Hybrid identity is the combination of hand-drawn ape arts and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each Ape Hybrid is a rare, living, breathing, work of art, with its own unique history.

With over 190 hand-drawn traits, owning a Ape Hybrid comes with an automatic membership to a closed group of Ape Hybrid Society collectors, with great benefits, and exclusive utilities, reserved only for group members.

When you purchase an Ape Hybrid, the art is totally and completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to be the star of its own show! You get to decide that.